ShowlistDC Music Notes: Monday 01-07-13

Notes from Last Night

Last night, I decided that the only way to cope with the Redskins loss was to head up to Baltimore for a doom metal show. I had never been to Club K before, but it’s a tiny room attached to the back of a Korean restaurant, about halfway between the Ottobar and the Wind-Up Space. It was a totally trippy space, decked out in black lights(!), with paintings of zebras(!!) and diamonds on the wall– honestly, it felt more like a space for a rave than for a metal/hardcore show. There were four bands performing: Baltimore atmospheric black metal band Barbelith, Philly hardcore band Congenital Death, Maine doom band Swaath, and Baltimore doom band Ophidian. Swaath were awesome and well worth the trip up, even though they only played for about 25 minutes. Actually, all of the bands played short sets– the first band started around 9, and all four bands were done before midnight; fairly impressively quick, since each band had to load all of their equipment from the outside since there was no backstage area. Anyway, it was a fun show and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Club K’s schedule coming up; it looks like they’re posting shows on their facebook page as well.


• Interview: Metallomusikum talks to Darsombra.

• Jon Pacella on Royal Thunder and the Heavy Eyes [Heavy Uber Alles].

GWAR‘s Oderus Urungus went record-shopping at Som Records, and DCist / the Vinyl District have some video.


• Listen: Black Cobain‘s “Liberation” [Washington CityPaper].

• Hometown Sounds DC’s local videos of the day are Derek Evry, “When We Get Home” and the Nighttime Adventure Society‘s live set at the Millennium Stage.

• DCist’s song of the day is Veronica Falls, “Teenage”.

Live Reviews

Brick + Mortar at the Black Cat (11/1/12?!): Reviewed by Stephen Bradley [Washington Times].

Drive-By Truckers at the 9:30 Club, 12/30/12: Reviewed by Michael H. Little [the Vinyl District].

Ari Hest and Lizzy Loeb at the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1/5/13: Reviewed by Alan Duckworth [the Rogers Revue].

Jane’s Addiction with TAB at the 9:30 Club, 12/28/12: Reviewed by Julia Lofstrand [the Vinyl District] and by We Love DC.

Presto Bando, Two Alpacas, and Dela Sante at the Velvet Lounge, 1/4/13: Reviewed by David Hintz [DC Rock Live].


NEW! the Vinyl District is giving away a copy of The Switchblade Kid‘s self-titled album (contest ends Thursday 1/10/13).

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ShowlistDC Music Notes: Friday 08-10-12

Time Off and Feedback Requested

Even people who run concert calendars need a few days off. I’m going off the grid– to a land where my Google Reader doesn’t work (yes, such a place does exist!) until late next week. There will be no Music Notes until then….

….which leads me to this: I’ve been posting these daily Music Notes for six months now (the first Music Notes was on 6 February 2012), and I’m looking for feedback: do people like the feature? I’m thinking about scaling back and not publishing every day– it’s not that I don’t enjoy compiling links, but it’s a huge daily effort. Would you like to see this post every day? Or would once/twice a week be sufficient? Are there certain days (Tuesday’s new releases; Friday’s Weekend Planner) that are helpful/not that useful? Should it just go away completely? Do you like the types of links we round up? Should we change our format? Let me know your thoughts, either by posting a comment here or via email,, and stay tuned to see how this roundup changes when I get back next week. Thanks for reading!

Weekend/Week-Ahead Planner

Planning Guides:
• Washingtonian’s Music Picks.
• We Love DC loves weekends.
• DC Music Download’s Weekend Hits.
• Washington CityPaper’s Jazz Setlist.
• ShowlistDC’s list of recently-added and changed shows.

Today – Friday, 10 August
• Interview: Siriam Gopal talks to Frederico Gonzalez Pena [DCist]. At Bohemian Caverns tonight and Saturday.
• Interview: We Love DC talks to Shark Week. Washington CityPaper also writes about the band. At Montserrat House.
• Preview: Lindsay Zoladz on the rally for Pussy Riot outside the Russian Embassy [Washington CityPaper].
• Preview/Interview: Steven Deusner on the Very Best [Washington Post Express]. At the Rock & Roll Hotel. Review of TVB’s MTMTMK by Catherine P Lewis (that’s me!) [Washington Post].
• CD Review: Kasey Chambers, Storybook. Reviewed by Geoffrey Himes [Washington Post]. At the Birchmere.

Saturday, 11 August
• Profile/Interview: Elliott Wallace on Black Clouds [DC Music Download]. At the Red Palace.
• Preview: Jonathan Fischer on Calvin Johnson [Washington CityPaper]. At Meeps.

Sunday, 12 August
• Preview/Interview: Chris Richards on Grace Potter [Washington Post]. At FedEx Field.
• Preview: Steve Kiviat on Daddy Yankee [Washington CityPaper]. At Ibiza.

Monday, 13 August
• CD Review: Joe Walsh, Analog Man. Reviewed by Mike Joyce [Washington Post]. At Wolf Trap.
• CD Review: Kasey Chambers, Storybook. Reviewed by Geoffrey Himes [Washington Post]. At Rams Head Tavern.

Tuesday, 14 August

Wednesday, 15 August
• CD Review: Birthmark, Antibodies. Reviewed by Moira E McLaughlin [Washington Post]. At the Black Cat.

Thursday, 16 August
• CD Review: Chatham County Line: Sight & Sound. Reviewed by Geoffrey Himes [Washington Post]. At Rams Head Tavern.


• DC Music Live has a long feature on independent record stores from the folks at Som Records.

• The writers at discuss their thoughts on JEFF the Brotherhood, Hypnotic Nights.


• Hometown Sounds DC’s local music video of the day is the Dismemberment Plan, “Time Bomb”.

• DCist’s music video of the day is Cat Power, “Cherokee”.

Live Reviews

• David Hintz on Ms Fridrich, Luray, and the Sweater Set at the Velvet Lounge, 8/8/12 [DC Rock Live].

• Clay Conger on Presto Bando, Southwork, Conveyor, and Drop Electric at the STPP Benefit at the Black Cat, 8/3/12 [DC Music Download].

• We Love DC on Millie Jackson at the Howard Theatre, 8/3/12.


NEW The Vinyl District is giving away tickets to Real Estate at the 9:30 Club, 8/12/12 (contest ends today at noon).
• The Vinyl District is giving away a copy of Civil Twilight‘s Holy Weather on vinyl (contest ends today).
• The Vinyl District is giving away tickets to Aerosmith and Cheap Trick at Jiffy Lube Live, 8/12/12 (contest ends today at noon).
NEW DC101 is giving away tickets to the Rockstar UPROAR festival with Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach, and more. Show is at Jiffy Lube Live on 9/2 (no indication of when this giveaway ends).
NEW DC101 is giving away tickets to Ben Harper‘s acoustic show at Wolf Trap on 9/4 (contest ends 8/26).
NEW DC101 is giving away front row tickets to DC101′s Kerfuffle with the Offspring, Sublime, Rome, Garbage, etc., at Jiffy Lube Live on 9/15 (contest ends 9/3).
• DC101 is giving away a pair of tickets to see Gotye at Merriweather Post Pavilion on 9/30 (no indication of when this contest ends).