ShowlistDC Music Notes: Monday 01-07-13

Notes from Last Night

Last night, I decided that the only way to cope with the Redskins loss was to head up to Baltimore for a doom metal show. I had never been to Club K before, but it’s a tiny room attached to the back of a Korean restaurant, about halfway between the Ottobar and the Wind-Up Space. It was a totally trippy space, decked out in black lights(!), with paintings of zebras(!!) and diamonds on the wall– honestly, it felt more like a space for a rave than for a metal/hardcore show. There were four bands performing: Baltimore atmospheric black metal band Barbelith, Philly hardcore band Congenital Death, Maine doom band Swaath, and Baltimore doom band Ophidian. Swaath were awesome and well worth the trip up, even though they only played for about 25 minutes. Actually, all of the bands played short sets– the first band started around 9, and all four bands were done before midnight; fairly impressively quick, since each band had to load all of their equipment from the outside since there was no backstage area. Anyway, it was a fun show and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Club K’s schedule coming up; it looks like they’re posting shows on their facebook page as well.


• Interview: Metallomusikum talks to Darsombra.

• Jon Pacella on Royal Thunder and the Heavy Eyes [Heavy Uber Alles].

GWAR‘s Oderus Urungus went record-shopping at Som Records, and DCist / the Vinyl District have some video.


• Listen: Black Cobain‘s “Liberation” [Washington CityPaper].

• Hometown Sounds DC’s local videos of the day are Derek Evry, “When We Get Home” and the Nighttime Adventure Society‘s live set at the Millennium Stage.

• DCist’s song of the day is Veronica Falls, “Teenage”.

Live Reviews

Brick + Mortar at the Black Cat (11/1/12?!): Reviewed by Stephen Bradley [Washington Times].

Drive-By Truckers at the 9:30 Club, 12/30/12: Reviewed by Michael H. Little [the Vinyl District].

Ari Hest and Lizzy Loeb at the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1/5/13: Reviewed by Alan Duckworth [the Rogers Revue].

Jane’s Addiction with TAB at the 9:30 Club, 12/28/12: Reviewed by Julia Lofstrand [the Vinyl District] and by We Love DC.

Presto Bando, Two Alpacas, and Dela Sante at the Velvet Lounge, 1/4/13: Reviewed by David Hintz [DC Rock Live].


NEW! the Vinyl District is giving away a copy of The Switchblade Kid‘s self-titled album (contest ends Thursday 1/10/13).

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ShowlistDC Music Notes: Monday 07-30-12


Planning Guides: DC Music Live’s Weekly Roundup.

• Interview: Gregory Ayes talks to Redline Graffiti [DC Music Download].

• Interview: Elliott Wallace talks to Justin Trawick [DC Music Download].

• Venue staff news: the Black Cat‘s booking person Vicki Savoula is leaving the Black Cat to start a career in education [Washington CityPaper].

• Here’s a profile of Sasha Lord, who books shows at Comet Ping Pong [Pink Line Project].

• Venue news: the Lincoln Theatre is seeking a new operator [Washington CityPaper].


• Hometown Sounds DC’s local music video of the day is Drop Electric, “Bankrolled Hominid”.

• DCist’s song of the day is Charli XCX, “You’re The One”.

• Listen/watch: the Walkmen stopped by NPR’s DC office for a Tiny Desk Concert.

• Clay Conger on Nighttime Adventure Society‘s “I’m So Tired” [DC Music Download].

Live Reviews

• Megan Buerger on Identity Festival at Jiffy Lube Live, 7/27/12 [Washington Post].

• Andy Hess on Liars at the U Street Music Hall [DCist].

• David Hintz on Kwame Darko, DZD, and Marco at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/27/12 [DC Rock Live].

• Press about the Summerland Tour featuring Everclear, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Lit, and Marcy Playground at Wolf Trap: Rohan Mahadevan [DCist] and Denise A Levien [the Rogers Revue].

• on Hot Chip, Sleigh Bells, and James Murphy at Merriweather Post Pavilion, 7/22/12.

• Ariel Hixson on Frank Ocean at the 9:30 Club [DC Music Live].

• Reel Film News has photos of Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart at the Verizon Center.

• Photos from Capitol Groove Music Fest at the Fairgrounds DC, 7/28/12 [DC Music Download].


NEW is giving away a pair of tickets to Static-X, Prong, Davey Suicide, and 9Electric at the Fillmore on 9/1 (contest ends Tuesday 7/31 at 5 PM).
• The Vinyl District is giving away a copy of Ed Sheeran‘s + (Plus) on vinyl. Winner must have a North American mailing address (contest ends Wednesday 8/1).
• The Vinyl District is giving away a copy of the FeaturesStill Lost, Volume One on vinyl. Winner must have a North American mailing address (contest ends Thursday 8/2).
• The Vinyl District is giving away a copy of Leland SundriesRoller Derby Queen 7″. Winner must have a North American mailing address (contest ends Thursday 8/2).
• WMAL is giving away tickets to Ted Nugent at the Fillmore on 8/3 (no indication of when this contest ends).
• DC101 is giving away a pair of tickets to see Linkin Park and Mutemath at Jiffy Lube Live on 8/11 (contest ends 8/5).
• DC101 is giving away a pair of tickets to see Gotye at Merriweather Post Pavilion on 9/30 (no indication of when this contest ends).