Looking back on 2013; looking ahead to 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 was the third full year of ShowlistDC, and we certainly couldn’t have done it without all of you who put on shows, play shows, let me know about shows, go to shows, or otherwise support live music in this area.

I do a little statistical analysis every year (here are the ones from 2011 and 2012), so here are some stats on what ShowlistDC did in 2013:

• We listed 11,568 shows at over 450 different venues in DC, Virgina, and Maryland. (We’ve got 1,488 shows already listed for 2014!)
• March was our biggest show month, with 1,108 different shows listed. Four other months had over 1,000 events: October (1,096), April (1,076), June (1,063), and May (1,022).
• Not surprisingly, most of our events were listed on Saturdays (2,630 shows) or on Fridays (2,373 shows).
• As in the past two years, two venues had over 400 events listed in 2013: the Kennedy Center (588 events) and Jammin’ Java (437 events).
• We ended the year with 839 Facebook likes and 1412 twitter followers.
• We saw venues open (Gypsy Sally’s, Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club) and close (Recher Theatre, 9th & Beats).
• . . . and we’re super proud to have put together a show ourselves, with our friends at Hometown Sounds DC. December 12th at Tropicalia is a night we won’t soon forget, so many thanks to the three awesome bands that performed– Heavy Breathing, the Jet Age, and Tereu Tereu– as well as all of you who came out that night.

And as always, feel free to look for me at shows– I went to 153 shows in 2013 and certainly plan to attend at least that many next year! Come up and say hi– and keep on supporting live music in 2014!