Looking back on 2012; looking ahead to 2013

Happy New Year! As we wrap up the second full year of ShowlistDC, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s been using this site. Thanks for telling me about shows, thanks for mentioning this site in interviews (Cigarette on DCMusicDownload) or on your blogs (DCRockLive), thanks for spreading the word about ShowlistDC to other music fans, and most importantly, thanks to all the local musicians who keep this area such a vibrant music scene. Thanks especially for everyone’s patience and understanding this fall when I had to suspend my daily Music Notes after my laptop was stolen.

I did a statistical wrap-up at the end of 2011, and now here are some statistics on what ShowlistDC did in 2012:

• We listed 11,223 shows (whoa! that’s almost 43% more shows than last year!) at nearly 400 different venues in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.
• June was our biggest show month, with 1,120 different events listed. Two other months had over 1,000 events: October (1,077) and March (1,043).
• Not surprisingly, most of our events were listed on Saturdays (2,507 shows) or on Fridays (2,252 shows).
• As in 2011, two venues had over 400 events listed in 2012: the Kennedy Center (644 events) and Jammin’ Java (462 events).
• We ended the year with 573 facebook likes and 790 twitter followers.
• We recommended 52 shows.
• We saw venues open (Howard Theatre, 9th & Beats, Rams Head Center Stage), close (Sonar, Red Palace, Sinix), pop up (Artomatic 2012), stop hosting shows (Asefu’s), and change names (Jaxx in Springfield became Empire last January).

I’ve got a lot planned for 2013. Some things aren’t going to change– I’m still going to list and recommend a ton of shows, but I’m going to continue working on the detailed venue info page, and I’m hoping to bring back some sort of daily or regular blog here. I will certainly continue to work with local venues and bands here to give away tickets to shows and other things to the music fans who read this site.

If there are any ideas for things you’d like to see on ShowlistDC or on this blog, please let me know, either with a comment here or an email to showlistdc@gmail.com!

And, as always, feel free to look for me at shows– I went to 113 shows in 2012 and certainly plan to attend at least that many next year! Come up and say hi– and keep on supporting live music in 2013!

One thought on “Looking back on 2012; looking ahead to 2013

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