ShowlistDC Music Notes: Monday 01-07-13

Notes from Last Night

Last night, I decided that the only way to cope with the Redskins loss was to head up to Baltimore for a doom metal show. I had never been to Club K before, but it’s a tiny room attached to the back of a Korean restaurant, about halfway between the Ottobar and the Wind-Up Space. It was a totally trippy space, decked out in black lights(!), with paintings of zebras(!!) and diamonds on the wall– honestly, it felt more like a space for a rave than for a metal/hardcore show. There were four bands performing: Baltimore atmospheric black metal band Barbelith, Philly hardcore band Congenital Death, Maine doom band Swaath, and Baltimore doom band Ophidian. Swaath were awesome and well worth the trip up, even though they only played for about 25 minutes. Actually, all of the bands played short sets– the first band started around 9, and all four bands were done before midnight; fairly impressively quick, since each band had to load all of their equipment from the outside since there was no backstage area. Anyway, it was a fun show and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Club K’s schedule coming up; it looks like they’re posting shows on their facebook page as well.


• Interview: Metallomusikum talks to Darsombra.

• Jon Pacella on Royal Thunder and the Heavy Eyes [Heavy Uber Alles].

GWAR‘s Oderus Urungus went record-shopping at Som Records, and DCist / the Vinyl District have some video.


• Listen: Black Cobain‘s “Liberation” [Washington CityPaper].

• Hometown Sounds DC’s local videos of the day are Derek Evry, “When We Get Home” and the Nighttime Adventure Society‘s live set at the Millennium Stage.

• DCist’s song of the day is Veronica Falls, “Teenage”.

Live Reviews

Brick + Mortar at the Black Cat (11/1/12?!): Reviewed by Stephen Bradley [Washington Times].

Drive-By Truckers at the 9:30 Club, 12/30/12: Reviewed by Michael H. Little [the Vinyl District].

Ari Hest and Lizzy Loeb at the Barns of Wolf Trap, 1/5/13: Reviewed by Alan Duckworth [the Rogers Revue].

Jane’s Addiction with TAB at the 9:30 Club, 12/28/12: Reviewed by Julia Lofstrand [the Vinyl District] and by We Love DC.

Presto Bando, Two Alpacas, and Dela Sante at the Velvet Lounge, 1/4/13: Reviewed by David Hintz [DC Rock Live].


NEW! the Vinyl District is giving away a copy of The Switchblade Kid‘s self-titled album (contest ends Thursday 1/10/13).

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ShowlistDC Music Notes: Thursday 01-03-13

Local Venue News

If you order tickets online from Jammin’ Java, you may have noticed that they now have some new ticket options for all shows:

VIP: Reserved seating in elevated, set apart area. (~25 seats)
Premier: Reserved seating at one of the eight tables closest to the stage. (~64 seats)
General Admission (GA): All other tickets in seated rows or standing, depending on the show, first come first served.

Looking at the layout for one of their upcoming shows, it looks like the “VIP” section is the little seated dining area on stage right, halfway between the stage and the bar, and it looks like they’ve added tables in front for most shows, which will be the “Premier” seats. It looks as though there aren’t “Premier” seats for every show, though. For most shows, the GA/Premier/VIP seats are identical in price or very close, but for “big name” acts (like American Idol‘s Kris Allen), the VIP seats are significantly more expensive and also come with a “Meet & Greet”.


Planning Guides: DCist’s This Week in Jazz.

• If you’ve ever gotten “Moves Like Jagger” (Maroon 5) or “Tik Tok” (Ke$ha) stuck in your head, you’ve got a Northern Virginia guy to thank: Reston native Benny Blanco aka Benjamin Levin has co-written 15 Number One songs [Washington Post]. There’s more about him in this LA Times piece.

Bob Boilen from All Songs Considered lists his favorite concerts of 2012 []. Even better, he gives ShowlistDC a nice shout-out!

• David Hintz’s favorite 10 shows of 2012 [DC Rock Live].


• New music blog Musiceum has a nice video interview with Paul Vodra of HometownSoundsDC about the DC music scene and the Hometown Sounds showcase at 9th & Beats.

• Hometown Sounds DC’s local video of the day is Uptown XO, “Rugged”.

• DCist’s song of the day is Yo La Tengo, “Ohm”.

Live Reviews

Bronze Radio Return at the Hamilton, 12/13/12: Reviewed by Stephen Bradley [Washington Times].

Gwar at the 9:30 Club, 12/20/12: Reviewed by Jon Pacella [the Vinyl District].

the Jones, Midnight Hike, and Redline Addiction at the State Theatre, 12/14/12: Reviewed by Gregory Ayers [DC Music Download].

Salad Days Night One at the Black Cat, 12/28/12: Reviewed by Michael H Little [the Vinyl District].

Shark Week, Lorelei, and the Babies at Comet Ping Pong, 12/21/12: Reviewed by Gregory Ayers [DC Music Download].

Cheyenne Jackson with the NSO, “Music of the Mad Men Era”, at the Kennedy Center, 12/31/12: Reviewed by Elliot Lanes [MD Theatre Guide].


• The Vinyl District is giving away a pair of tickets to the Lumineers at DAR Constitution Hall on 1/30 (contest ends 1/4/13 at 9 AM).

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