Where we were last night: Marissa Nadler (with Janel Leppin) at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 7/8/14

Last night, Boston-based dream-folk singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler performed at the Rock & Roll Hotel, and it was a special show for DC, since local cellist Janel Leppin is in her touring band! (I should say: Janel is her touring band, since it was just the two of them on stage.) As a bonus, the opening act was Janel’s main project Janel & Anthony with guitarist Anthony Pirog. Nadler’s set was heavy on songs from her newest album, July, which was just fine with me since that album is lovely. The videos I’ve posted below are a little hazy– the lighting at the Rock & Roll Hotel makes it hard for my little camera to focus– but that fits just fine with Nadler’s dreamy music. For more ShowlistDC concert videos and photos, subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram.