Ticket Giveaway: Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells at Merriweather 7/22 -and- Metric at Strathmore 9/21

We’ve got a double “win ‘em before you can buy ‘em” contest this week here on ShowlistDC! Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells are playing at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sunday, July 22nd, and Metric is playing at Strathmore on Friday, September 21st. Tickets to both shows go on sale this Friday (May 18th) at 10 AM, but we’re giving away a pair of tickets to each show before you can buy them! You can enter to win tickets to either show (or both shows!), but you can only win tickets to one show. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me which show you’d like to enter for (remember that you can enter for both!) and I’ll pick the winners at random (using random.org) on Thursday, 17 May at 7 PM Eastern. Be sure to use a valid email address when you enter, so I can contact you if you win (and don’t worry: your email address won’t be posted publicly when you comment on this entry).

The first of the two shows is Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells with a special DJ set by James Murphy (DFA/LCD Soundsystem). Hot Chip is a British electropop group that formed in 2000. The group has released four albums which have all been extremely well-received (the lowest score they got on Pitchfork was a 7.0, with the other three albums receiving an 8.0 or above). They’ve got a new one coming out in June, In Our Heads, so this show is certain to feature a lot of new songs as well. Opening the show is Sleigh Bells, a New York duo of Derek Edward Miller on guitar and Alexis Krauss on vocals. It’s been a busy year for Sleigh Bells: they put out their second album, Reign of Terror, in February, sold out the 9:30 Club in March, and opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Verizon Center last week. Then there’s James Murphy, who co-founded DFA Records and performed in LCD Soundsystem, who’ll be doing a DJ set to open the whole show. Murphy announced that he was retiring LCD Soundsystem last year (the group’s last concert was in New York in April 2011), but he didn’t drop out of music entirely: he released a song with Gorillaz and Andre 2000 earlier this year, and it’s great to see him still out performing, so make sure you get to this show early enough to catch his opening set. When tickets go on sale, they’ll be available via ticketfly.com for $35 (lawn) or $45 (pavilion) plus applicable fees. (Note that we’re giving away lawn tickets.)

In September, Canadian indie-rock group Metric is playing the majestic theatre Strathmore up in Bethesda– this place has fantastic sound, so it’ll be great to hear these guys in such an incredible space. Metric formed back in 1998 and has released four studio albums, with a fifth– Synthetica– coming out in June. Another show that’s sure to feature a bunch of new tunes! Frontwoman Emily Haines posted a note on the group’s official site about the album, writing, “SYNTHETICA is about staying home and wanting to crawl out of your skin from the lack of external stimulation. SYNTHETICA is about forcing yourself to confront what you see in the mirror when you finally stand still long enough to catch a reflection. SYNTHETICA is about being able to identify the original in a long line of reproductions. It’s about what is real vs what is artificial.” We’re not entirely sure what that means, exactly, but it sure sounds intriguing. Tickets for this show will go on sale 5/18 via ticketmaster.com for $47 plus applicable fees.

Check out some music videos of all of these bands, then let me know in the comments which show (or both!) you’d like to attend. And if you come across this post after the contest has closed, you can pick up tickets via Ticketfly for Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells and Ticketmaster for Metric.

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The contest is now closed and the winners have been notified!

129 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells at Merriweather 7/22 -and- Metric at Strathmore 9/21

  1. Saw Sleigh Bells at 9:30 club a few weeks back…they were excellent. Would love to see them again.

    And I’ve never seen Metric or been to Strathmore, so put me in for that one too please!

  2. Would love to see either of these – Sleigh Bells crushed it both at 9:30 and opening for the Chili Peppers (despite the disinterested crowd), and Metric is fantastic live, especially in a great place like the Strathmore.

  3. Would absolutely love to see Hot Chip as they are one of my favs.

    Would also like to enter to see Metric as I’ve never seen them before.

  4. Metric, Metric, Metric! oh man, that would be fantastic, that show is way too expensive.

  5. Pretty please! I would love tix to see Metric!!Awesome band and one of my absolute favorites!

  6. Great contest. This site keeps getting more awesome. (Metric; agreed on the too expensive post.)

  7. Would love to see Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells/James Murphy as I’m gonna work here in DC only through the next 3 months…

  8. I’d love to go to that Hot Chip show. And James Murphy DJ?! I’m in heaven!

  9. I wanna see the Metric show, but I REALLY wanna go to Sleigh Bells and Hot Chip! I’ve got a less-than-healthy love affair with James Murphy too, so I’d die to see him again.

  10. Sleigh bells and james ‘not lcd soundsystem’ murphy! I’d be the wiener for sure!

  11. I would loooove to see Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells! I was so bummed when Sleigh Bells dropped Lolla last summer :(

  12. Huge Sleigh Bells fan!! If I could quit my job to follow them around the country, I would. Would love to see them with Hot Chip and James Murphy at Merriweather!

  13. Actually scratch that ^^^ I’d rather see the other show and I can’t make the first one!!!!

  14. Put me down for both please!

    I would love to see Metric… However, Hot Chip/Sleigh bells would be a great consolation prize

  15. I’d love to be able to see Sleigh Bells and Hot Chip play July 22. I’m a big fan and have never been able to see them live! They always go to the cities near where I’ve lived after the fact that I’ve moved to another state!

  16. Just was thinking the other day how great it would be to hear some bass with bright strobes. I do believe sleigh bells would do the trick.

  17. I saw Sleigh Bells at the 2010 Freefest and god it was amazing… I would love to see the new album live. They’re so unique and innovative and always make it on the my favorite artist list lol. And I thoroughly enjoy Hot Chip and James Murphy/LCD as well. I hope to win!!
    And, hey why not through in Metric too!

  18. I love BOTH bands so please enter me for both! I hear Sleigh Bells puts on an amazing show but I bet Metric would give them a run for their money! Gotta love female fronted bands :)

  19. Sleigh Bells and Hot Chip are two of my favorite bands, would love to see them both live!

  20. James Murphy is my idol. Everything he has ever created is a world of awe. His work is absolutely genius. In my opinion he is the greatest lyricist that the world has ever known. I would LOVELOVELOVE to see the Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells show.

    Metric is also an amazing. I have HUGE respect for them for appearing on the Scott Pilgrim sound track. They would also be amazing to see.

    So yeah, I guess put me down for both shows. Thanks a lot for holding this awesome contest. Fingers crossed!

  21. I’d love to see Sleigh Bells and Hot Chip…but let’s be honest, I really just want to see James Murphy be amazing.

  22. I would love to see Hot Chip, Sleigh Bells and James Murphy! My dream lineup.

  23. Sleigh Bells. It’ll be my third time this year. They are awesome.

  24. Would love to see Hot Chip and Sleight Bells. Every chance I’ve had before, they sold out.
    (Huge fan of Metric too, seen them four times, but I can’t go to that one…in a wedding, might be frowned on by the bride & groom).

  25. I’d love to see Sleigh Bells; their shows are just pure energy in a crowd that treats it like one big party.

  26. I’d love to see sleigh bells. Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells are playing at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sunday, July 22nd

  27. Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells and James Murphy, please! Just looking to “Shake A Fist” at some “Infinity Guitars” while you “Dance Yrself Clean”.

  28. I would like to enter for the Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells/Murphy show! Thanks!!!

  29. Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells!! I have been dying to see Sleigh Bells perform.

  30. I need to see Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells/Murphy and I’d rather not pay for it. Ok cool see you in DC.

  31. Just moved to DC and my first show in town should definitely be Hot Chip & Sleigh Bells!

    • Congratulations! You’ve won the Hot Chip/Sleigh Bells tickets– check your email for more details and enjoy the show!

  32. SLEIGH BELLS SLEIGH BELLS SLEIGH BELLS!!! I’ve never seen Sleigh Bells live and would love to! I always seem to miss them when they are coming to the D.C. area. Don’t want that to happen again this time around!

  33. Sleigh Bells please! It would be an awesome graduation gift.

  34. My wife is giving birth any day now and we would love the babies first show to be HOT CHIP and SLEIGH BELLS!!!

  35. Metric please. Im new to DC and have been dying to see a show in this town

  36. Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells for sure. Haven’t seen a show in a long time

  37. LOVE the energy Sleigh Bells brings at their live shows. Alexis Krauss is a goddess. Need to be there, please!!!!!! (And thank you!)

  38. I’ll take Sleigh Bells and Hot Chip with a side of that guy from LCD Soundsystem/DFA, please.

  39. SLEIGH BELLS/ HOT CHIP. I’ll be your best friend for life. I’ll send you little texts every morning, bring you lunch everyday, and name my first born after you… twice. <3

  40. I have been trying to see Sleigh Bells for a couple years now and would love to see them with Hot Chip!

  41. Sleigh Bells please! Saw them at 930 Club in March and they were AMAZING! Absolutely shut the place down and I couldn’t hear for 2 days afterwards. Would love to see them again.

    • Congratulations! You won the Metric tickets! Check your email for more information.

  42. I really would like to see sleigh bells and hot chip!!! :-)

  43. I’ve never seen any of them so I’d be so so soooooo happy with either :) Metric is amazing tho.. and I love DC show list!!

  44. Sleigh Bells ring & I’d like to listen–okay, sorry for that, but really, sign me up.

  45. I’ve been crushed since missing Sleigh Bells at the 9:30 Club. I’d love to see them at their upcoming show and redeem myself! :)

  46. Sleigh Bells kicked ass on SNL. Loved “Reign of Terror” the first time I heard it. Would love to see them live. Gave Hot Chip a listen and liked them.

  47. I’d love to see either show. I’ve been to a Sleigh Bells concert before and they’re amazing live, but I love some Metric too.