Ticket Giveaway: Rush at Jiffy Lube Live on 9 September 2012

Canadian rock trio Rush are performing at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion) on Sunday, September 9th, and ShowlistDC is giving away a pair of tickets before you can buy them! That’s right, tickets go on sale via ticketmaster.com this Friday, May 4th at 10 AM, but we’re giving away a pair of tickets before then! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me what song you’d most want to hear Rush play live, and I’ll pick a winner at random (using random.org) on Thursday, 3 May at 5 PM Eastern. Be sure to use a valid email address when you enter, so I can contact you if you win (and don’t worry: your email address won’t be posted publicly when you comment on this entry). Note that the tickets we’re giving away are seats inside the pavilion, not lawn seats– this is an awesome deal for Rush fans to see the band up close!

Rush formed in Toronto in 1968, and over the decades since then, the influential prog-rock trio has become known for the stratospheric vocals of bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee, the powerhouse drumming of lyricist Neil Peart, and the guitar riffs of Alex Lifeson. Their last show in the area was in September of 2010, where they played their classic 1981 album Moving Pictures (the one with hits like “Tom Sawyer”, “YYZ”, and “Limelight”) in its entirety, as well as a bunch of other songs spanning their career (I was lucky enough to get to review the concert for the Washington Post’s Express; you can read my review– which includes the show’s set list– here). This time around, though, they’ll be touring in support of their new album, Clockwork Angels, which is due to come out on June 12th, so they’re almost certain to play a lot of new songs in addition to their old hits. You can listen to their latest single from the album, “Headlong Flight”, in the youtube video below, to get a flavor of what their new material will sound like. Rush is touring without an opener (that seems to be standard for them of late), so we’re expecting that they’ll play two long sets of music.

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CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all who entered – the winner will be notified shortly!

339 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Rush at Jiffy Lube Live on 9 September 2012

    • I think it’s time they brought back Xanadu! It’s truly my favorite song it always takes me on a journey every time i hear it!!

  1. Great entries so far. I’m going with “Necromancer” part 1 (off of Caress of Steel), their best space rock song.

  2. Having never seen Rush, i’ll keep it basic and boring and say “Limelight”

  3. The rap notwithstanding, gotta go with Roll the Bones. They rip that song live.

  4. I’d make a mess if they played “Red Sector A” or “Distant Early Warning”. You’re been warned.

  5. I’ll go with La Villa Strangiato, thanks! If I don’t win, Elizabeth who selected the Hemispheres prelude made an excellent choice!

    • Congratulations – you’re the winner of the contest! Check your email for more details!

  6. ANTHEM. the 1st song i saw RUSH perform live in concert: 1/13/79 The Palladium, NYC, Hemispheres

  7. There is trouble in the forest… THE TREES!
    Alas I won’t be able to make the show. I hate it when people don’t consult showlistdc.com before setting wedding dates.

  8. Losing it.One of my favs. Apparently, there are string arrangements all through the new album. There’s also a rumor that they’ll have a small orchestra to do all of Signals for its anniversary. Sooooo might have a shot! If not: Lessons.

  9. Double Agent would be beautiful, but as long as they keep Time Stand Still until they’re done touring I can die happy. That song means so much at a show, I can’t even begin to describe.

  10. It wouldn’t matter what they played its all good, but my favourite is Different Strings

  11. So many conventional choices have been made. Let’s try something a little different: a live arrangement of “How it is.” The guys could make that one truly spectacular!

  12. If the vicious rumors of a “Signals” tour are true, then they will play my fav, “The Analog Kid”.

  13. Sooo hard to choose just one. I do love Far Cry though. They rocked it on the Time Machine tour.

  14. I really want to hear “Anthem” live. I’d settle for “Bastille Day” though.

  15. “Available Light” from Presto. It would be awesome to hear any song off of Geddy’s My Favorite Headache too!

  16. Since the Lord of the Rings has recaptured the imagination of another generation, and The Hobbit will be released by the year end, I’d love to see their 1975 homage to the book, in their song Rivendell. Neil would find a way to add some percussion not found on the original.

  17. Please play “Countdown!” With all the nifty gadgets and doo-dads you have on stage you could make it look like a rocket really took off!!!

  18. I’d love to hear Countdown, written about the first shuttle launch.

  19. I will be thankful beyond words to hear anything They choose to play! They have to want to play it to enjoy playing it! So if I had to pick one song that I wish they wanted to play then that would be “Chemistry”!!!

  20. What can you say about the greatest rock band in the WORLD. Are you kidding me rock n roll hall of fame. Should be hall of shame with out RUSH period….

  21. I would love to see them play Xanadu! Not the Olivia Newton-John version though.

  22. hard to narrow down…all great suggestions, I would love to hear them all. My faves…
    Presto…Marathon and Red Barchatta!!!!

  23. Being that it is 2012… and I’ve never fully heard 2112 Live… 2112 in full glory, would be astonishing!

  24. The Sphere: A Kind of Dream. This will be my honeymoon (I mean it – I get married on the August 25th).

  25. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff live, especially ‘Headlong Flight’.

  26. Best I Can

    Been to 10 Rush shows and never heard it. Great song for people trying to get by in tough times.

  27. ‘Losing It’ — particularly if rumors of an accompanying orchestra prove true.

  28. Would love to hear La Villa Strangiato. Greatest guitar rift ever!

  29. “Bravado” is one of my favorite songs, so that’s the one I would like to hear live.

  30. Natural Science. It is my favorite live Rush song. Fun to bounce along to!!

  31. Jacob’s Ladder

    It has elements of Prog, Rock, Fantasy, New Wave. One can imagine the 4 parts of the song quite literally enveloping the stage. Part 1: a storm forming in the distance; Part 2: (Distant Overture) the stage shrouded in clouds of smoke and simulated lightning during the heaviest part of the song; Part 3) during the middle section (keyboard break), the smoke begins to slowly dissipate (“clouds are parted, light streams…”), with Howard Ungerleider’s magic beams of light just starting to break through the storm, until…Part 4) “weaving fabric of dreams,” you see complete resolution, 2 beams from a single point converged above the stage traveling down, diverging like a ladder to the stage as the band completes the song, or journey. Anyway, that’s how I see it.

  32. I’d love to hear “The Weapon” I’ve listened to this song so many times and would really like to hear it live!

  33. I’d like to hear Available Light from Presto or Tai Shan from Hold Your Fire.

  34. I really would like hear Something for Nothing! One of my favorite tubes and what I want from this giveaway! LOL!

  35. RUSH is simply the best band ever! If I get to see them play Hemispheres Book II live before they retire, my life will be complete! Go RUSH!!!

  36. Ghost of a Chance and Where’s my Thing?… Geddycorns 4evar!!! :D

  37. Since they finally played Camera Eye on the last tour, I want to hear “Countdown”. I saw this live on the Signals tour.

  38. RED SECTOR “A” – gives me chills every time I hear it but I’ve never heard it live.

  39. Camera Eye. I know they played it last tour but I think it’s a great song.

  40. I would love to hear “the Pass” live. That song gives me goosebumps when I hear it!

  41. Rush is my favorite band, haha my birthday is september 9, the best gift ever, love to hear Xanadu, awesome masterpiece.

  42. Open Secrets!! Never done live to my knowledge and such an awesome track containing one of my favorite Lifeson solos. Second choice- done in Counter parts tour- I’d love them to do Hemispheres.

  43. “Lakeside Park” why, becouse “Everyone would gather on the 24th of May, sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display. Dancing fires on the beach singing songs together, though it’s just a memory some memories last forever”

  44. “Middletown Dreams,” of course! It was a dream come true to see “Marathon” and “Time Stand Still” on the Time Machine Tour from the Power Windows/Hold Your Fire era, but we still need some more classic 1985 music from the greatest band ever!

  45. Middletown Dreams

    It’s understood
    By every single person-
    Who’d be elsewhere if they could-
    So far so good-
    And life’s not unpleasant
    In their little neighborhood

    They dream in Middletown…

  46. Jacob’s Ladder! Wouldn’t be too difficult for them to pull off, and not hard for Geddy to sing!

  47. Hmmm…I would love to hear Jacob’s Ladder, The Enemy Within, Available Light and ALL of Clockwork Angels on this tour.

  48. What song should they play? Cinderella Man would make me the happiest Rushian in the universe.

  49. LOL! I don’t care if Rush plays Mother Goose covers!! I’ll take “Bravest Face” off S&A’s however anything the boys rip out in concert = GOOSEBUMPS. Period.

  50. Losing It, with or without that scorching violin solo by Mr Ben Mink!

  51. I’d love to hear The Big Wheel from Roll the Bones, since they haven’t played that one live before.

  52. Jacob’s Ladder. The song is simultaneously spacey, orchestral, jazz fusion, in short a work of art. And they haven’t played it since at least 1981, when I saw them at the age of twelve. Alex Lifeson’s best sounding record, beginning at 1:35 of the song. Gold!

  53. Love to hear Analog Kid or Kid Gloves. Two of Alex’s best solos EVER. Can’ t wait for tour. Hope its true they’re playing all Signals on this Tour (First album i bought from Rush)

  54. Middletown Dreams or Open Secret. Available Light would be cool too.

  55. I have seen Rush at least once on every tour since 1982, yet I have never seen them perform “Jacob’s Ladder” live. Maybe they’re reading this right now!

  56. the date of the Bristow show is the 30th anniversary of the release of Signals so hope they play Countdown or Losing It.

  57. I’ve always wanted to hear Kid Gloves live. When I was little I thought it said “And the Wicked Gloves” LOL!!

  58. I would love to see the boys do Jacobs Ladder, I think it will fit in great with the new songs I’ve already heard.

  59. I would offer a lifetime of free dentistry to the band to hear Lakeside Park with an extended alex solo.

  60. Forget the free dentistry thing,now I’m serious, i would do a root canal on myself without anesthesia to hear Lakeside Park with an extended Alex solo

  61. I’ve got to go with Fly by Night. They haven’t played it live since the 1970′s.

  62. Earthshine…

    Because the moon tells a lover’s story.

  63. Wow. So hard to pick just one, but I’d love to hear Xanadu would be sweet!

  64. Hmmmmmmmmm

    One of the many songs I would LOVE to see them bring back is definitely The Enemy Within

  65. How about “Losing It” from Signals. Never been played live. It’s one of their darkest songs, would be a wicked suprise! ps. PICK ME!!!!

  66. Fly By Night, one of their most popular songs but not played live since 76


  68. It’s a longshot but “Jacob’s Ladder” would be epic to hear again.

  69. I would love to hear Natural Science again. Also absolutely love hearing Circumstances. Either one would be fine with me….But of course, if it’s ANY Rush tune, it’s ALL good!

  70. I would love to hear Tom Sawyer live – I havent seem RUSH since the 80′s and it would bring back AWESOME memories!

  71. Prime Mover. A straight up guitar, bass and drums tune from a synth heavy period. Love it!

  72. I would love to see them resurrect “R30 Overture” from their R30 concert tour. I loved the way they blended all of those songs together. If not that “The Pass” is another great song.

  73. Natural Science is my favourite Rush song and they have only played it on five tours tours so that is my choice!

  74. I have seen them 40 times now and they have never played The Necromancer.

  75. I have listened to the song “Losing It” off Signals 3 times today. It is a difficult song to play live, and has Never been played live according to their concert history. I would love to hear the reflection on aging from and Album that is now 30 years old.

  76. I would love to hear “Losing It”, with rumored live strings in the background.

  77. Countdown! Now that our shuttle fleet is gone we can appreciate even more the experience of a launch.

  78. Greetings!

    Alien Shore!

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!